Important News about the 3D City Database

New Release

22.11.2016: A new bug fix release v3.3.1 of the Importer/Exporter for Oracle and PostGIS is available now! For a complete list of changes compared to the previous release please check our release notes.

3DViz 2016 workshop at TU Delft

27.09.2016: Zhihang Yao and Kanishk Chaturvedi, two researchers from the Chair of Geoinformatics at Technical University of Munich, held a two-day course on the 3DCityDB and the browser-based 3D geovisualization in the 3DViz 2016 workshop at TU Delft. The course materials have been published under the Creative Commons License and are freely available.

New Major Release

01.09.2016: Along with our newly introduced Cesium-based 3D web Viewer, the 3D City Database v3.3 and Importer/Exporter v3.3 for Oracle and PostGIS is available now! We migrated the entire project from LGPL to Apache 2.0 license for easier inclusion with 3rd party software systems.

3DCityDB Webclient in Oracle JET

13.06.2016: Oracle posted instructions on how to include the new 3DCityDB Webclient within Oracle JET applications (Javascript Toolkit).

Referenced by Cesium WebGL

02.09.2015 : The 3DCityDB and its new 3D web client is now included in the list of demos of the Cesium WebGL Virtual Globe..


23.05.2012: The 3D City Database won the Oracle Spatial Excellence Award.

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